Friday, June 30, 2006

Gingham Pincushion

Finally, I have a decent pincushion to my name!

I've been in need of a pincushion for ages. As a crafter I had to make my own, of course, and the pincushion kept being pushed further and further down my 'to do list'.

Also, I've always had this weird problem where I can rise to a difficult challenge and find an answer; but give me something simple to do and I struggle, make endless mistakes and generally take forever to complete the task.

What could be more simple than this pincushion tutorial from WhipUp? Yet, the pincushion pictured here took three attempts, two needles (one broken and one that got mysteriously bent into a right angle!) and lots of cussing!

Now that I've finally made it I'm desperate to make more - lots more! ... now that's why I'm a crafter...


Miss C. said...

Great link--I've been needing to make a non-magnetic one for myself lately. :)

Also, thank you very much for your nice comment on my journal (Elegant Musings)!! I hope you enjoyed browsing around!

futuregirl said...

Your post made me laugh - a needle bent into a right angle?! Ha! Well, at least you have a cute pincushion now. :)

Dawn said...

I just made one of those for a swap! Mine wasn't exactly round....needless to say...but I did enjoy making it and want to make more too! I love your blog, came across it a day or so ago and am glad to see someone else in the UK crafting. (I think it was off of I LOVE that site! I checked it even though I was on vacation and had only an hour of time at the library to do email etc!) I was just on vacation and we went to Norfolk...I got some great fabric at Hunstanton. There are two really good fabric stores there. There really aren't any near me, so when we go for trips I always scout out yarn and fabric stores!