Friday, June 16, 2006

Polka Dot Flying Birds Purse

Bag two...

This one is lined with the blue tablecloth, and has the polka dot on the outside with three flying birds appliqued in blue. I was thinking of classic flying ducks when I designed the applique, and can feel a theme coming on...

There's a magnetic snap to fasten this bag under the flap. I couldn't find the perfect button for this bag for ages, then noticed the ideal button on my favorite skirt... now I can't wear it til it's fixed!

An interior shot. I made a patch pocket coz I love the polka dot so much and wanted to make more of it. Also, I divided the pocket to give a specific mobile/cell phone pocket.

There's also extra reinforcement in the base of these two bags. I've been experimenting with way of making my bags stronger and think I've pretty much got it.

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Mrs. Moody said...

I love this purse! I really would love it! How did you create those birds?