Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stash Wednesday

Inspired by Use What You Have Month and Work in Progress Friday, I thought some kind of stash showing would be a good idea.

I find it easy to forget some of the things hiding in my stash, so a weekly glimpse through would help refresh my memory. Also, a collection of pics from my stash would organise my thoughts a bit about what fabrics and trimmings could work together for upcoming projects. This record of pictures might make an interesting way to shop from my stash, and help me use what I have. Perhaps even organise myself towards some patchwork.

Anyone else up for this? Seeing other people pulling together bits of their stash could be very inspiring and interesting for the rest of us. Just post a photo and a few words on your blog on a Wednesday, and let's get some stashes worked through (or at least good intentions on the go!)

I only chose wednesday coz I thought Stash Wednesday had a nice ring about it - just the right note of irreverent piety. :)


Alison said...

Love your photo here and I love the idea. I will do this too!

Katie said...

Actually, Stash Sunday is a group on Flickr. Check it out:

Net said...

Thanks Katie, I'll check you guys out!