Sunday, July 30, 2006

Make Do and Mend

I love this booklet. My sister gave it to me as a "hilarious" gift, because I love thrifting and repurposing. Far from being hilarious, I've found it very helpful and quite emotional.

This booklet was prepared for the Board of Trade by the Ministry of Information and published in 1943, it was intended to help people make the very most of their resources in the home during World War 2. Even though the information here is sixty years old, it seems very relevant today, there's even a section on fulling or felting old sweaters.

The back cover gives a list of things that this book is designed to help with, this list includes: helping you "to renovate children's outgrown clothes so cleverly that none is ever wasted", "to turn every scrap of good material you possess to good advantage", and "to make do with things you already have instead of buying new".

1 comment:

Samantha said...

It just shows that nothing is ever really new - eapecially with the felted sweaters.

What a great present!