Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pincushion Challenge: Flowers

I've finally finished my pincushion for this month's Pincushion Challenge. The theme this month is "Flowers". I've put together a gingham pincushion topped off with a fabric flower, cut from floral fabric. The base of the pincushion is a blue wool-mix felt.

The deadline for this months challenge was extended to the end of July, which was lucky for me, somehow I found it very difficult to come up with something floral. I often find flowers can be overpowering, but I think the blue and brown colour scheme and the gingham helped reduce the "floweriness".


Gisele Schoene said...

Your flower pin cushion is great!

Dawn said...

I posted this on my weblog also, but thought I would make it easier for you to find! Gosh I guess I could have done the pincushion challenge this time, since it is flowers!!! I like yours.

I found 100% wool felt at

It is a children's craft supply place. I was really surprised I couldn't really find it anywhere else on line! If you find another source, please let me know. I did quite a bit of research.

I think I will go ahead and do the tute this weekend, without showing the part that can be found on the Carol Duvall website. That ought to work, I did try to contact the person that did the show, but I had to go through her publisher which might not work!

So keep an eye out! It will be my first, but I think the project is such a nice one it would be good to do!