Friday, August 25, 2006

ACEO Welcome to Spaceman Country

Now, I'm not sure if ATC's or ACEO's count as craft, and this is meant to be a craft blog, but I'm going to talk about them anyway.

Recently, I've found myself pulling my paints out of the depths of a cupboard and fooling around with them. Painting used to be my life, and I've been away from it for about three years. There is just something about the size and format of ATC's that had me wanting to paint again. I love working with the size restriction and there's something magical about a piece of art that can fit in your hand.

So, anyway, here's one of my ACEO's. It's an original painting in watercolour and ink on a heavy-weight acid-free paper.


Green Kitchen said...

Cool. I like to see original art for these things.

Christopher said...

As self appointed "surveyor of blog layouts," I am charged with telling you that there is something causing your sidebar to drop below the main section of your layout.

I'd like to suggest the the problem is the use of List Tags(<ul>, <li>, </li>, </ul>)in places where they are un-needed in your sidebar. This is causing each conscutive section to cascade out to the right thus enlarging the sidebar outside of its alotted space.

If you would like to fix this and need a little help, please contact me.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Hi, I followed you back here from the Etsy forum. Your blog, and your Etsy shop are great! I love the retro "space" pieces. They're very cool. All of the pieces in your shop are quirky and unexpected -- great stuff!

Good luck with your blog and your Etsy shop!

W. J. St. Christopher said...

P.S. I had that same "sidebar dropping to the bottom" problem, too -- but ONLY if viewed in Internet Explorer. I usually use Firefox, so didn't even know it was happening. I fixed it by making sure no text was extending to far off my main column.

Good luck!