Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Natural Dyed Fabric

About three years ago I bought some beautiful natural dyed cotton squares from The Natural Dye Studio. They use historical plant dyes and don't use any chemicals, the colours they achieve are truly amazing, nothing like printed or chemical colours. The fabric squares have stayed in my stash ever since because I've been too intimidated to use them. The colours are so delicate and beautiful, I wanted to find a way to do them justice.

A long time ago someone taught me that if you're faced with a blank piece of paper and it's intimidating you, just rub a film of charcoal over it, scribble on it, then get on with what you're doing. Once the blank white is gone, it won't be scary any more. So I decided to treat this beautiful fabric the same way. I cut the squares up into strips, threw them in the air, then gathered them up randomly. After that I sat down at my machine and string pieced them together. Phew, they still look beautiful - now to put them to functional use - perhaps a cushion cover?

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tara said...

Such beautiful fabric!