Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wavy log cabin quilted cushion

I've been working on a log cabin with wavy seams:

Inspired by all the beautiful Denyse Schmidt quilts that are all over flickr and blogland. I haven't seen inside the Denyse Schmidt book so I don't know what her process is for creating wavy seams, but I believe there are templates involved.

Over at Pink Chalk Studio, the awe-inspiring Kathy has posted a really good tutorial for her wavy seam process, it's clean and straightforward with fantastic results - which is nothing like the way I do it!

My process is at once more retentive and more slap-dash - I hand draw a foundation in order to get an irregular line, then piece the block up from there. After sewing each strip of the log cabin, the seams needed trimming so there was probably a bit of unnecessary fabric wastage. If anyone is interested in more info on my way of making the wavy seam log cabin, I'd be happy to post more detail.

And the finished cushion:

Ps, if you're related to me, the DS book is on my Amazon wishlist and it will be August before you know it! ;)


kathy said...

Your solid blue square in squares look fantastic. Beautiful pillow!

Sarah said...

This is a lovely pillow, I've been wanting to try this pattern myself, and yours certainly is an inspriation.

Belém said...

Nice pillow. Great colors combination, they look so fresh!