Monday, April 02, 2007

Finishing a quilt, starting a quilt

So, I finished the blue and white quilt.

The most fun was documenting the quilt. I knew that it was for us, at home, and never going to be shop inventory, so I photographed it with my 3 yr old, Sam, "helping". Hey, he reminded me what quilts are really for. Of course, they are for sleeping under, looking pretty and keeping warm, but they are also for:

hiding, jumping, clambering, tumbling, chilling, twirling, swooshing, peeking and climbing. We had so much fun we got out some other quilts too. The brown and blue quilt is made by me, the quilt in the bottom left pic is from Greengate.

Started work straight away on my next quilt, a much more gentle one, here's a peek:

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