Sunday, April 29, 2007

Talking Heads

Not the band... nor the Alan Bennett monologues. It's what I've been doing all week - talking about heads, rabbit heads particularly... Talking about them, drafting them, making them, even dreaming about them.
These are some of the more successful stages of development. I'm not going to show you the pile of malformed shapes, or even the hilarious one that ended up looking for all the world like a nipple!

So, working out how to make a head. First I tried winging it, then making some from patterns, then adapting patterns, then winging it again. My first full prototype:
The body has free motion quilting over it. I want these rabbits to share some of the qualities of quilts, both in construction and in the emotional response they create. Warm, imperfect, cozy and comforting. Quilts always give the impression that they have been created with a ton of love, and also connect to the "make do and mend" mindset.

I found a few helpful links during my research: A Craftster post about hidden stitches. This helpful Intro to Making Soft Toys and, in terms of designing toys, this post from John Kricfalusi at All Kinds of Stuff will give you a lot to think about.

Second full prototype, with string pieced body:
This fella already has a home, and produced a commission for two more! Go rabbits! (and their crazy heads...)


gwensmom said...

That blue bunny haas pulled me out of lurkdom. His/her face looks so much like the beloved bunny I grew up with and loved nearly to death.

You did a great job. I really like the quilting on the body.


Claire Louise Milne said...

I love the blue bunny, he has such a sweet little face. Looks so soft and cuddy too!