Monday, May 07, 2007

Softies past and present

These two lil' ladies went off to their new home this weekend. They were picked up earlier than I expected, so the pictures were taken quickly, and so they suck...
The heads and limbs are corduroy, the bodies are quilted cotton. Detail of head, you can just see the machine quilting on the body (which is my favourite bit):

The legs are a bit thin, I think, but I'm loving making the bodies, there's a couple more rabbits in progress, destined for the shop.

These two softies, an owl and mouse were made by my husband when he was ten years old (...aawww...) they are now amongst my sons favourite toys (bless!):
Check out the embroidered pocket and handkerchief!
Now that he's a grown-up, Phil doesn't make softies anymore. He gave up crafting when he got into Kraftwerk and magic markers. Now he's a graphic designer who makes clean yet sexy work like this. We hope one day to collaborate on some projects, when we each have more time and are both less cranky...

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