Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back in from the cold

I'm creeping back in from "Blogging-no-man's-land". There's been a lot of personal/family goings on that have kept me away from the laptop and the sewing machine. Everything is much more settled now, and we have our very own flat! You can laugh at me decorating here!

There has been a tiny bit of sewing for the home. I've been desperate to make Denyse Schmidt's "Hop, Skip and Jump" quilt for such a long time, and finally used it to make a quilt for Sam:
All my favourite blogs have been full of new year plans and goals and though very far behind, I do have some plans too. It's still January, right?

Now that we've packed up, moved, and unpacked, I've had to take a long hard out-of-focus look at my craft supplies:
So, this is the big New Year plan: no new fabric, not at all, not even a fat quarter. All the work I make has to come from this stash, until every last bit is used up. I wonder how much of the year it will take...

Good to be back! ;)


meg said...

and good to have you back! I love all the prints you chose for the quilt--perfect for a little boy.

AnastasiaC said...

i love the quilt you made!! wish I could sew...beautiful!