Tuesday, February 05, 2008

120 Ways of Using Bread...

You guys are so sweet to show so much interest in my crazy cookery books! Specially for Bec and Stacey here are some recipes. I hope you can make them out from the pictures, I lazily decided that macro photography was easier than writing them out:

For the brown bread ice-cream recipe, instead of using just "dry and crisp" breadcrumbs, it's nice to mix the breadcrumbs with some sugar and slowly roast them in the oven till they're crisp. That way they make crunchy sugary bits in the ice-cream. yum. Also, I have no idea what "noyeau" is, vanilla extract does the trick!

I've made Brown Betty plenty of times, it's very nice. The Golden Squares are on my "eventually to do" list. I think they'll be like individual treacle tarts. yum. yum.

You'll have noticed I've stuck to the dessert recipes. That's because the savoury recipes in this book tend to stray into the sort of dark territory that I can't cope with:



Bec said...

**shudder** that 'brains on toast' recipe is just plain disturbing! It is something my mum would love to eat (which is even MORE disturbing!!!)

Looking forward to making some of those dessert recipes though. The Golden Squares sound delicious!

Thanks so much for sharing them :)

one little acorn said...

Love the collection, but I think I will passing on the "Brains on Toast"
Thanks anyway!

Maureen said...

Oh mash them please ...and then pitch them far far away from me!

That thin dry toast is added insult.

Old Books are fun to read tho, and remind us we don't have to do a lot of that now.