Wednesday, February 06, 2008

120 Ways of Using Cardboard

Well, not really 120.

I got hold of a big pile of cardboard yesterday, both the flat kind and the corrugated kind. It really got a child-like "yay let's build something" vibe going. I'd forgotten how much fun cardboard can be. Sam used his to build a stadium for his cars and I used mine to make a forest for Sally to live in:

So, I wondered what super-crafty folk do with cardboard and found Andrea of Pequenio Craft by Munieca who makes the most beautiful whimsical work. As well as gorgeous cardboard dolls, she makes gentle elegant digital illustrations and the sweetest ever collages.

Go check her work out, you'll love it.


glorydaze said...

Your long legged friends are just adorable!

futuregirl said...

Oh! I love it. The most recent Anthropologie catalog I received did some very creative stuff with cardboard, too.