Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cloth Doll

This is a cloth doll that I made this week for my niece, Amelie. I styled it to look a bit like her, with very big brown eyes and a preference for hair clips.

My New Years resolution was not to buy any new fabric until I had used up all I had, so the face and body of this doll are made from curtain lining, which gave a decent colour but isn't really ideal, unless you're being a bit thrifty. I love a crisp cotton surface and the lining was just a bit too shiny.

There are lots free patterns for cloth dolls if you do a little googling, like this one at Circle of Crafters. There's also tonnes of inspiration to be found at The Handmade One-of-a-Kind Cloth Dolls group on Flickr. I especially loved this one.

For more doll goodness, there are the amazing patterns and galleries at Wee Wonderfuls and of course the stunning painted faces of Emily Martin's dolls at The Black Apple.


ally said...

Adorable! I love her dress :)

fine little day said...


Bec said...

I think she looks great!!! I really love her hair.

Oh, and by the way, the Brown Betty dish didn't ruin our lunch at all - it was just very funny. In hindsight, the bread I chose to make the breadcrumbs with was just plain ridiculous (very moist wholemeal spelt sourdough...der!!). Next time I will use a nice light white bread, and do as you suggested, frying them until crispy first... ah well, live and learn eh?

artycho said...

Hi there, first time on your blog, I love it I will pop in sometimes!