Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Kindness of Crafters

About a year ago I was struggling with prototyping some plush animals, they were some of my first and I couldn't get them to work in 3D. Then I found this tutorial by RheLynn at Knitowl. It helped me out both technically and with the kind encouraging words like "keep trying" "prototyping needs practice" and "even failed prototypes need homes". I followed her advice, made use of the tute, and went on my way, I was stressing and struggling and in a hurry and didn't stop to thank her.

Fast forward a year and I'm posting some of my plush animals on Flickr, when up pops RheLynn thanking me. She said looking at my horses had helped her out with a technical problem she had been struggling with. The real generosity here is that she didn't just take the help and wander off like I did with her tutorial last year, oh no, she thanked me in my Flickr, mentioned me on her blog and then posted her giraffe on her Flickr with a link to mine. In blogland, links matter and so I'm very grateful and slightly abashed that I didn't didn't do the same for her last year. Mostly I do thank people when their advice or tutorials help me out, but I'm going to try extra hard from now on.

So, while I'm spreading the love: to everyone who has ever posted a tutorial, a pattern or a peek into their craft studio, shared a funny story, shown a beautiful fabric, or left a comment ... Thank you so much, you are appreciated. I Love Craft Bloggers!


RheLynn said...

Oh how sweet, thanks for the link in return :) and so glad my article helped you before!

All of my giraffes are thanking you for their ability to stand upright ;) It was quite upsetting to see them all falling over and waving their legs helplessly in the air *just/kidding*

syko kajsa said...

Thank YOU for your kind comments on my blog! Thanks for the tag, I am going to tell 7 things soon. Love your creatures! Especially the hair :)