Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dog and Dinosaur - Plush Birthday Presents

A couple of my son's friends have birthdays this week so I'm using the opportunity to try a new plush animal, tweak an existing one, and get some genuine feedback from little kids. A bit mercenary, maybe, but hey kids like plushies and they certainly won't be polite if they think my work is no good!

This one is for Lily, who likes dogs and especially taking them for walks:

Bonus points for you if you noticed that the dog lead is an adaptation of the patchwork belt pattern. This dog pattern needs some extra work, he needs a second gusset from his nose downwards and his back feet don't sit on the floor properly. But the birthday party is at 4 o'clock, so I've decided his quirks are "lovable" and he can stay as he is!

This dinosaur is for George, who I don't know well, but I hope he likes it:

This is my standard dino, dressed up with some extra details. I think he's quite cool.

It's Phil's birthday today, too. But he doesn't get a lovingly handmade plush animal, he has to make do with tickets to see Nick Cave.


RheLynn said...

So cute! I know exactly how things go like your dog pattern -- so many tries and hopefully some of the prototypes find loving homes :) He is cute! I'm sure he'll be loved!

syko kajsa said...

They are both adorable! The dog's ears are tooooo cute!

.girl ferment. said...

I think both your plush and the forest you have created for them are extremely cute.

jerseyraindog said...

I'll take the tickets thanks. ;)

Betty Jo said...

Nick Cave or a plushie?
How about a Nick Cave plushie. I went to an exhibition in Melbourne called "Super Groupie", where textile artist,Cecilia Fogelberg had made soft toys of over a dozen Rock gods including Nick, Tex Perkins, Bon Scott,Mick Harvey and Conway Savage.
It was creepy, but hilarious .......Google it!
Thanks for the lovely comment too.Your plushies are super cute.
xx Liz @Betty Jo designs

pouch said...

I'm a fellow UK etsy seller and I just found your blog via the blog ring!
Just wanted to say your stuff is so cute and so well crafted, I love it, glad I found your shop :)

Kirsty said...

I LOVE your little puppy dog. He is so cute.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I adore all your fabrics. We do have similar taste in fabric, too.

Stephanie Faith said...

I love your creatures - - - my fave being the little dog :)