Monday, March 24, 2008

A Small Meme Break

Just took a little break from the memes this week. Apologies to Angela and Drewzel and the rest of the "this is..." crowd. I probably won't visit as many of you as usual this week.

My contribution to the week long Vintage Childrens Book Illustration meme lasted til Friday, but hey a five day week is acceptable, isn't it?

Everyone in my house is full of a cold at the moment, so I'm busy with warm drinks and hankies, but I'll be back up to blogging speed in no time, and definitely for the next "This is..."

Hope you all had a great long weekend. x


RheLynn said...

"this is" was difficult this week. Have a great break your vintage illos have been very cute :)

BigCat said...

It was a difficult This Is... this week. I reckon you picked the right week to take a break. I hope the colds are passing.

I have been meaning to post a comment here for a while now and I might even have already done it. I love your patchwork creations. They are so lovely. The forest they live in is beautiful too. I'm going to do a post on all the crafty goodness I want to purchase and one of your creatures is right up on top of this list.

Enjoy your blogging break.

orange you lucky! said...

Oh, I wish I found your patchie creations before I did the etsy toys post this morning! I love your softies!
Have a good break!

Sherrin said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Pip from Meet Me at Mikes said...

Thanks for your lovely vintage illos! I didn't do this is.. but if i did have to document a demon... it would be the computer.. so lovely and useful.. yet always calling me... come over here, pip.. just one little click! Hope your house fines up soon! Mine is icky too!

Drewzel said...

Yep, Pip's point exactly, these memes, blogs and internet in general are demons, sucking up our time yet offering you the world :P