Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is... my inspiration

This week's "This is" theme was suggested by Meet Me at Mikes, how cool is that blog, by the way!

So, I've knocked together some inspirational Flickr favourites, mostly they are children's illustrations and craft books from the 70's. Including illustrators Tove Jansson and Richard Scarry.

Flickr Favourites

Looking forward to nosey-ing around everyone else's inpiration boards.

(Click the image to go to the Flickr original to find out more about each image. The original person who uploaded the image, where the image is from etc.)


Kyla said...

Oh, how cool is that. I love childrens illustrations. Have a great day

Jenny said...

Lovely cute inspiration indeed!

AnastasiaC said...

really the illustrations!

Bec said...

Oh these illustrations are great. For some reason I have vivid memories of a worm in a scarf and hat that I'm pretty sure was a Richard Scarry illustration. He has such a great style. Off to get lost in Flickr now...:P

Betty Jo said...

Hey, absolutely gorgeous images.I'm a Massive fan of children book illustration.
I have finally got around to posting 7 random things about me...thanks for the tag!
xxx Betty Jo

RheLynn said...

I LOVE Richard Scarry. I had an old book of his bunnies and I'll never forget Tawny Scrawny ;)

starashan said...

wow, great images- I love the time for bed one :o)

Betty said...

Great selection of images. Flickr is a constant source of amazement.

Thankyou for sharing

Claire Falkingham said...

Lovely - the cutest illustrations, very inspiring!