Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I Can Knit, You Know

This was made in 2002, my hubs and I were recently engaged and had been on a romantic weekend to a teeny tiny island called Alderney. At the end of the weekend we sat in the tiny airport waiting for our flight. The only entertainment was a large cardboard box full of yarn and knitting with two knitting needles. It was a giant scarf that you could add to while you waited for your flight.

At that time I didn't really craft as such. "I can knit, you know," I said to my future husband, so he made a video documenting this weird new discovery about his future wife. (Turn your speakers on for full effect). Little did he know that in their future this weird secret "craft" side would be taking over her mind, her life and their spare room...

PS. You can now upload video to Flickr (90 sec maximum). How cool is that?
PPS. I no longer have that ill-advised haircut.

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eileensattic said...

This is very cute!!!!!