Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is... my perfect dinner party guest list

Thanks to Lily and Agathe for this weeks great theme and for her gorgeous blog. I can't believe how much thought I gave to this list, it's not a real dinner party! I chose people I thought would get lively conversation going and plenty of laughs. I think there would also be a lot of arguments at this dinner party. I don't have a seating plan, but here's the list:

Jeremy Clarkson, broadcaster and journalist. I've always thought he'd make a fantastic dinner party guest as he's so opinionated and has no fear of casually causing controversy. While I don't agree with a lot of his views I do find him hilarious and he can talk cars with my husband.

Simon Amstell, TV presenter and stand-up comedian. He is absolutely hilarious as the presenter of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and I love his fast sarcastic humour. Excellent dinner party material I think.

Stephen Fry, actor, author, comedian, technofile, all round amazing individual. I have had a secret crush on Stephen Fry since my mid-teens, but think I could manage not to embarrass myself if he came over for dinner. Again, I'd invite him for his humour and quick wit but also because he was the second person in Britain to own an Apple Mac, and as my husband is an Apple obsessive (and so was the next guest) I think that would make for some enthusiastic, albeit geeky, conversation.

Douglas Adams author, comic, musician. He is the author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series and my favourites the Dirk Gently novels. Douglas Adams was also the first person in Britain to own an Apple Mac. His novels and the cassette tapes of the Hitchhiker radio play were good companions to me during lonely adolescent times and I get a bit ridiculously sentimental at any mention of Douglas Adams.

Katherine Hepburn, another full-on outspoken and witty dinner guest. I have absolute admiration for such a strong, independent and genuinely funny woman. I have been reduced to tears of laughter by her screwball comedies, Bringing Up Baby and The Philadelphia Story are amongst my top favourite films.

Germaine Greer, writer, journalist and feminist. Another highly opinionated and outspoken dinner guest and another strong woman. I have to admit that one of the main reasons I've invited her is to create some heated discussion and a lively dinner party. I think she'd go head-to-head with Jeremy Clarkson.

I think I'd have this dinner party in winter so that I could serve really hearty casual food from the slow cooker, probably some very herby stew, with mashed potato and crusty, homemade bread. Apple crumble and thick cream would be the desert and there would be plenty of red wine, beer and ale.

Thanks to our virtual dinner host Angela for a lovely time on the This is meme.


Nicola said...

Uhmm, can I gate crash this dinner party, sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

AnastasiaC said...

what a cool list of guest and your menu sounds warm and hearty too!
we Love Jeremy Clarkson too!! STephen Fry is a funny man!

Jenny said...

Gosh, I think you'll be up late!!!Great list!

Camilla said...

Can you swap Clarkson for James May? And then invite me?

Bec said...

Oh I love your guest list! And Jeremy Clarkson is one of the very few people that can actually get me to listen to a conversation about cars!!! We don't get Never Mind the Buzzcocks here, so Matt and I have been watching episodes on You Tube. Simon is fantastic!!! Actually, Matt tried to talk me into adding Amy Winehouse to my guest list - after seeing her appearance on the show, he figured she would get all boozy and really get the party started :P

Maureen said...

Thanks for the congrats :o)

P.s. I really love your banner!

Katy said...

Can I come? I'll serve drinks or something. I love Clarkson (and cars too), and I have always had a secret crush on Stephen Fry, Simon Amstell is brilliant. Make sure you put a photo of Ferne Cotton at his place, he *loves* her so much ;P

Cooking My Life said...

This sounds like quite a stimulating dinner but I'm afraid I'd be listening to a 'foreign' language if I gatecrashed.

Sharon said...

I was going to invite Jeremy, but dumped him at the last minute for Brian Blessed! (And was considering Mark Lamar and katherine Hepburn!)Fab list, I think you'll have a great time!!

Betty said...

Oh I can imagine Jeremy Clarkson and GErmaine Greer together, fight for the most opinionated.
thankyou for a great list. May I come to dinner too?

Juddie & Godfrey said...

Oooh, can you squeeze one more chair in for me? Sounds like a great night!

We'll also have to coordinate our calendars so that Stephen Fry can make it to both of our parties!