Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gone Camping - Back Soon!

Celebration of Camping

1. The Perfect Spot- Original Fabric on Wood art, 2. Vintage Patch- I'm A Camping Nut, 3. Camp Notes 4, 4. Camp Fire, 5. Square Roots (tm) Into the Woods, 6. Happy Camper (2-4T), 7. "My Love For You Is Intense.", 8. pleasure fishing handbag-back, 9. camp1

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Off camping tomorrow, on our first ever proper family holiday! Normally we stay with relatives but this time it's just us three in a tent! eek! No grandparents making me put my feet up while they fuss over my son!

So totally stealing an idea from Cuteable and posting a selection of Flickr images of camping. All these great images are from Etsyans, so check out the links!

See you on Sunday!


Jenny said...

Oh have a wonderful time-I love camping-such fun!

Bec said...

Have fun! I'm another one whose holidays usually consist of visiting relatives of some form, who give me a break by fussing over the kids. A camping holiday sounds a little more challenging...but probably a lot more fun too :)

Swirlyarts said...

Have a wonderful time!

Katy said...

Have a great time - watch out for earwigs in your sleeping bag ;)