Friday, May 16, 2008

Etsy Plush Team

The Etsy Plush Team are a very talented collection of folk who design plush, make plush and love plush. There's a great team blog, and an awesome team shop.

Recently, they let lil' ol' me join them. The first team challenge I got to join in with had the theme of fairy tales. This is what I came up with (it's much the same as my post on the team blog) :

My partner for this project was the awesome Violet Peppermint, she chose Little Red Riding Hood as her fairytale. It was great to hear Violet's views on the classic story, she was drawn to the conflicting elements of a morbid story where an innocent young girl triumphs, but only by committing murder. Violet said the dark tone of the fairytale reminded her of the movie Pan's Labyrinth and that she loved the iconic image of Red and the wolf.

For my plush I decided to combine the images of Red and the wolf, I wanted to reference the part of the story where one character eats the other. Also the idea that, in the end, Red is almost as dangerous as the wolf, she does kill him after all. By coincidence, just after I got Violet Peppermint's email about Red, I sat down to watch the movie Hard Candy, a contemporary re-telling of Red Riding Hood if ever there was one.

The plush has a girl's large eyes with long eyelashes, and a red cape and hood. Two ears point out of the hood, and on the back of her body I used machine embroidery to suggest the shape of a bushy wolves tail. Also, an oh-so-tragic red tear to suggest a trauma of some kind has occurred.

I kept to a red and black colour scheme to keep a bit of dark drama. The body is cotton, with machine embroidered details. For the face I designed and hand cut a stencil then used a dark fabric paint and red highlights on the eyes. She is up for sale in my etsy shop .


Bird Bath said...

Enjoyed reading how the ideas developed for your wonderful Plush. Red Riding Hood is a classic, and I love your interpretation. I forgot all about Hard Candy - fascinating movie. Have you read Roald Dahl's "Revolting Rhymes"? a great twist in his version of Red.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

She is fabulous and has so much thought that has gone into her!