Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crafter's Block

Not posted for two weeks - what's going on? This whole time, if I have even approached the laptop or the sewing machine, I have suddenly come to a complete nauseating standstill. Some kind of crazy crafter's block panic.

I find the best way to cope with a whirring blank brain is to DO something, anything, just take some action. So my sketchbook is full of about fifty-three-million ideas, but none of them have been pushed through to completion. So, gotta get some focus. Break some goals down into baby steps.

What do you do when you're drawing a blank? Any tips you'd like to share? These are my strategies:
- Get some inspiration. Go to the library and look at books and magazines. (I find surfing the Internet only adds to panic, because it's endless and I just lose focus).
- Keep a pencil and paper on hand all the time. Draw and write any ideas that occur to you, whatever they are.
- Choose just one idea and stick with it. What end result am I aiming for? Now, how am I going to get there? Break the whole process down into little manageable pieces.
- Now, work through each little step, being very careful not to get distracted or I'll start spiraling again.

Have you got any tips for working through crafter's block? I'd love to hear any ideas ;)


Camilla said...

I've created a whole summer school in an attempt to get me to break my art/craft block- come join us!

Jenny said...

Your ideas are good tips. I usually do something else totally different but calming-like gardening or baking and then my mind is trying to think of something and things just pop into my head. Having a pen and paper next to the bed is a good too for when those ideas sneak in while you are trying to sleep!