Monday, June 16, 2008

First adventures in screen printing

So, having been into screen printing for all of 15 hours now, I feel I have the authority to blog about it...

Well, I haven't actually printed anything yet but the journey to get the screen ready has involved so many adventures already, I wanted to get some written down. I have made heavy use of this great Instructable.

There are a lot of great screen printing tutorials online. However, I think the world needs a "Housewife's Guide to Screen Printing" which I fully intend to put together once I have all the necessary research. So far, though, I have discovered the following:

- How to build a screen using my patented half-arsed carpentry method.
- Just how many rooms in the house will have to be put to screen printing use (4 and counting).
- How to make a reflector lamp out of a cereal box and some tin foil.
- Diversion tactics so no family members burst in on a light sensitive screen while it's drying.
- How to find 1hr 45mins when the bathroom will be free for exposing your screen.
- How much water will go all over the bathroom while rinsing out a screen (a lot).

and the most extensively researched points:

- How to (almost) remove the stain of dark green photo emulsion from an off-white kitchen surface.
- How to mentally blot out the bewildered despairing looks from your family.



BigCat said...

Well now I just can't wait to see what comes of all this learning.

Sharon said...

Well done! I'm so excited for you! I copped out of the do-your-screen-at-home and went to college, so they do the screens, after reading the tutorials online! Once you start printing, you won't stop, it's so addictive! I've even considered printing on the walls (yes really!)

Camilla said...

ah! I'm reading this via bloglines, so I read this after your next post, which is why my comment on the next post is asking about printing at home.