Monday, June 30, 2008

Free Gift for you

So, what happened to all the talk of screen printing, missus? Did you fall off the planet or something?

Well, I did drop off the planet for a couple of days, thanks to a bout of acute sinusitis which I've never had before and hope to never have again. So, I'm behind on everything from laundry to blogging and especially printing.

Also, while waiting for some new ink to arrive I chanced upon Spoonflower. You probably already know all about it, it's a site (still in beta) for printing your own fabric designs! It's awesome! The blog is here.

So, long story short, I am still experimenting in screen printing and I will be posting about it.

Also, there will soon be Babushka Bunny sewing kits available - in four different colourways, printed by Spoonflower. Having the kits printed by Spoonflower means that I can have a broader colour palette and keep the retail cost of the kits down, so a more interesting end result that will be less expensive, a good thing for everyone, I think.

Now, down to business, all you guys were so kind to me during my embarrassing needy phase and I promised a giveaway, so here's one where everyone gets a little prize. Over in the side bar there's a link to a downloadable pdf. It's for you. It's four bookmarks, each featuring a Babushka Bunny in a different colour scheme. Once you've printed them, trim them on the guidelines and either share your spare ones with friends or use them throughout your own library. I know I can never have enough bookmarks, I have scraps of paper sticking out of recipe books, craft books, design books, novels... Have fun with them!

Thanks also to my lovely husband for help with the more technical aspects of making a download. xx


Sew Bettie said...

The Babushka bunnies are adorable. Spoonflower rocks!

Bec said...

Sinusitis is awful - hope you're feeling all better now. That's great news about the bunny kits! And thank-you so much for the cute bookmark downloads. A girl can never have too many bookmarks I say!!!
Cheers to you (and your lovely technical husband :))

Sasparilla Sue said...

Ick! Sinusitis is just terrible, makes you utterly fatigued! I'm glad that you're feeling better! The little babushka bunny bookmarks are great! Thanks so much for letting us download them.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad to hear you are feeling brighter! Can't wait to see your spoonflower fabric. Thanks for the great bookmarks - they are really cute!

BigCat said...

Oh, you're so sweet. I love bookmarks, and those bunnies are cute. Looking forward to seeing the kits.

Ali said...

Thank you for the little bunnies for our books; indeed, there is no such thing as too many bookmarks!
glad you're feeling better

Nen said...

great idea! hope you're feeling better!

Half-an-Acre said...

such a lovely site to look at - your banner is absolutely gorgeous. Really glad I found you!