Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is... the space in which I create

Thanks to Michelle for this weeks "This is..." This is the space in which I create. It was supposed to be a family dining room for cosy family meals where we would bond, laughing together in matching jumpers. Also, a place to have elegant, sparkling and memorable dinner parties.

Instead, it very quickly and selfishly became my space for creating and I only feel a tiny bit guilty about it.

In other news:
A big thank you to the "This is..." crowd for being so encouraging about this post and urging me to try screen printing. Right now, this minute, I have my first screen of photo emulsion drying! I'll let you know how I get on...

Miss Stacey's Summer School is now open so go join in if you fancy taking up some fun summer projects in blogville. It's the brain child of Camilla from Made by Milla.


Bec said...

Well, I have a whole sewing area downstairs, and yet I still regularly take over our dining table :P
Can't wait to see your screen printing. Yay!!!

Leni & Rose said...

What a lovely bright space! Look forward to seeing the screen printing!

Jenny said...

It is a lovely light and airy space with room to spread! Good luck with your screen printing.

flossy-p said...

hehehehe, dining tables hold so much hope don't they? At least it's being used for good and not evil :).... not that I have any idea how you could use a dining table for evil, but you know what I mean.

I CAN"T WAIT to see your first screen print!!!!! It's going to be so professional looking I just know it. How could it not with such a fancy fresh kit?!!!

I predict more spaces around the house will be commandeered by you now that you've got a screen printing skill under your belt!

zoesquid said...

Lovely space. I wouldnt be feeling the teeniest bit guilty!

Camilla said...

Thanks for the plug! I really should read these posts in the right order!