Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Flickr Favourites - A Day at the Beach

Beach inspired Etsy -ness

1. Beach Huts Fine Art Photograph, 2. Cobalt Blue necklace, 3. Spring Hopes...Summer Wishes 63/365, 4. Ocean Gift Bracelet, 5. Beach Cartwheels, 6. surfs up, 7. Susanna, 8. Beach snails, 9. jellys @ the beach 1

Today I spent most of the day at the beach with my son and niece (4 and 3 yrs old). We dug holes, built a pretend truck depot and made ourselves hilarious shoes out of sand. The day disappeared so quickly, leaving three sandy, exhausted and happy people.

All the above pics are from Flickr and all were originally posted by Etsyians, so click through the links for more information on some great crafters.


Sharon said...

Hi Net! You've won an award, stop by and pick it up when you get a chance!

Jenny said...

Not much beats a lovely day at the beach! Great flickr photos.

BigCat said...

It sounds like a lovely day. I wouldn't mind a little bit of beach weather.