Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nice People Saying Nice Things

Small Stuff is one of my favourite blogs. Recently, I had the chance to send a tiny surprise parcel to Bec and she has said some very sweet things about it. Bec also makes some very gorgeous bags, check out her shop. Especially lovely are the reversible bags - two beautiful bags in one!

Vintage Indie also had some nice things to say about my page at Handmade Parade. Its a great magazine style blog all about Modern Life with a Vintage Perspective.

Talking of people who make and do nice things, check out Kajsa's gorgeous Interactive Blog Project over at Syko - there's a chance to win one of her very gentle, whimsical and totally lovely applique pieces.


Ali said...

Yes, Bec does make some gorgeous (I have one of my very own!)And, I finally got to see what was inside the little parcel that has been patiently sitting on my desk for so long! Lovely brooch Net!

Bec said...

Thanks so much for the lovely words - you're too kind :)