Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is... my favourite film(s)

Thanks to Hokey for this weeks theme. I hadn't realised the similarities between my favourite films until I started collecting these clips from YouTube. First up, The Apartment (1960) starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine, directed by Billy Wilder:

Next, the Woody Allen classic, Annie Hall (1977) with Diane Keaton.

Both films are beautifully shot, hilarious, deeply sad and very real. I wish films like these were still made today, films were a female lead can be funny and smart and be beautifully imperfect. Where a female character can be a fully rounded complex person instead of an airbrushed, botoxed, cartoon pastiche of a woman. In 2008 we have movies like The House Bunny, for goodness sake. It makes me very grateful that I don't have a daughter, what would our mothers generation be like without Diane Keaton? What would we be like without Allie Sheedy?

I still have a sore face, hence the miserable post... sorry. I'll stop rambling now. Check out the scene in The Apartment where Jack Lemmon makes spagetti with a tennis racket - that's funny. There's more favourite movies at Three Buttons.


Griffin said...

Good choice! I love Annie Hall! But then I also like the Sleeper. My favourite movie is probably Casablanca, but the Goonies is a giggle and I loved so much Cyrano de Bergerac... que la fin d'envoi.. je touche! Sigh!

I also love Adams Rib, a great movie and Bringing up Baby. That Katharine Hepburn will be a star some day!! Oh, and don't forget Breakfast at Tiffany's... a movie that made me want to be female just so long as I could be like Audrey Hepburn... ahem!!!

Jenny said...

There is definitely something about those older movies that is lacking in today's whizz bang productions.

AnastasiaC said...

yes and yes - both are great movies...this is going to be a fun as Im going to have a huge list of movies I need to see again!

Sasparilla Sue said...

Ooh the apartment is a good one! I'm not much of a woody allen fan but I've never seen annie hall, maybe someday i'll check it out.