Monday, March 16, 2009


There's a Plushapalooza coming to a computer screen near you! What's a Plushapalooza? Why it's only an incredibly exciting event, where you can view some amazing soft creatures, meet the people behind the plush and explore deeper into the realms of Etsy, and you can do all this in your pyjamas if you like!

Etsy Spring Plush Market

Come to the Etsy Labs at 3pm EST (that's 7pm GMT fellow Brits) on 24 March. You can get to the Etsy Labs here. Then just click on the Gallery room - don't be scared - I was at first, but there isn't any need to be - it's fun. (you do need to be logged into Etsy to get in, by the way).

Once inside, you might see my face (don't let that scare you either!) and the faces of some other members of the Etsy Plush Street Team.

We'll be live via webcam to talk plush, soft sculpture, and stuffed toys. We won't be able to see you though, just your avatar, so as I said, dress code is as casual as you like...

We'll show you a soothing, rhythmically changing parade of plush creatures, three at a time, and you can ask the makers questions and get answers straight away. If you especially like someone's work, you can click through to their shop and browse around at your leisure.

Awesome Creatures by Awesome Artists
(left to right images property of: Emily Follow the White Rabbit, Weirdbuglady, Squirrel Momma)

If you've never been in a virtual lab before this is a great opportunity to try it out in the company of one of the softest and cuddliest Etsy Teams ever.

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Jane said...

Just catching up on some blog reading. Well done on your award and good luck with the live lab.

I'm really going to have to start promoting my etsy shop. Might see you over there.