Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vintage Sewing Patterns

Look what arrived in the post recently:

I bought these gorgeous 70's sewing patterns from Bec's Etsy Shop BeckyBean. They are in such good condition, one of them hasn't even been cut. I think that there will be a lot of 70's style dresses turning up at birthdays this year - I have so many small nieces to make things for.

Bec also included some beautiful fabrics from cool Aussie designers and some lovely buttons - thanks so much Bec, it was a very exciting parcel! The absolute best bit about this purchase, though, was that all proceeds go to the Handmade Help Bushfire Appeal. So, if you'd like a really cool retro pattern to make yourself some great outfits head over to BeckyBean, while you're there check out the stunning, vintage inspired handbags designed and handmade by Bec and her sister Jade.


All Things Bright & Beautiful said...

Fab blog! Big congrats for winning your award last night!xx

Ali said...

great patterns! Happy sewing with those, how fun :)

Bec said...

Oh Net, this is such a lovely post - thank-you so much :) I've been meaning to send you an email to thank you for letting me know it all arrived safely, and I'm really glad you like the fabrics (they are by Hollabee and Pippijoe - can't remember if I said that on the little card....). Anyway, I'm so glad you like it all, and I've just had another pattern order from someone who reads your blog, so thank-you again for promoting it all. I've actually just been trying to get my head around a pattern for a dog coat that a domestic animal group have sent out, as people's pets are getting very cold at night (yep, after ridiculously hot days poor Victoria is now hideously cold!!! One of the reasons I moved away from the area in the first place!!). The dogs' owners are sleeping in tents and caravans so no place for the poor pooches to get warm. Not sure if making a dog coat is a little beyond me, but I guess I'll give it a try :P Anyway, sorry for writing an essay here - I should really have saved it for an email shouldn't I? Oh well, done now. What a long-winded way to say thanks huh! XX Bec