Monday, May 25, 2009

What would Benita Larsson Do?

Everything has been driving me crazy lately. I'm naturally clumsy so when the house starts to get out of control it really stresses me out, I'm falling over everything at the moment. I pull out a piece of fabric and the contents of a shelf fall on me. I open the "thread drawer" and it's full of zips and rulers and absolutely no thread. This picture might not show the extent of the chaos, but it is chaotic, believe me. Everything needs a really good sort out but where to start?

So I turned to Flickr for some inspiration and there I found Benita Larsson of Chez Larsson. Oh my, have you ever seen such a fantastic home? So restful, so beautiful and so perfectly organised. Just a quick glimpse will be enough to make you want to turn out your kitchen drawers, or paint something white. Check out Benita Larsson's Flickr photostream here, her blog here and find Benita's Top 10 Organising Tips here.

My first challenge is my sewing room. I've made a great start at clearing it out, the whole time reminding myself of Benita's phrase "Edit, edit, edit". It's amazing how much stuff I've allowed to build up and I'm not even much of a hoarder. Hopefully, I'll soon have some "after" images to show off!


Felicity said...

gosh you should see our house, it stays tidy for about a minute!! he he!!

KCs Hand Painted Boutique said...

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Good luck!