Monday, June 08, 2009

Blogging - What's it all about?

This blog has been wavering dangerously close to abandonment lately. Not intentionally, you understand. It's just that blogging keeps slipping further and further down my "to do" list.

Why is that? Partly, it's the old chestnut that the busier the blogger, the quieter the blog. Partly something to do with the distraction of Twitter. Partly the fact that I have become hopelessly disorganised. So now it is time to take action. Time to pull myself together, ask myself some questions, write a few lists...

My Sewing Room

Why did I start blogging?
To connect with other people doing the same thing - other crafters, other toymakers, other work from home mothers, other people who sew.

What do I like so much about the blogs that I like so much?
I like a regular glimpse into someone else's world, and hearing about the interesting things they are doing. I like seeing pictures of crafty, homely, beautiful things that other people are making. I love to see other people "nesting" and peeking at their homes. Sometimes, I like a piece of solid, useful information, but also I like chatty stuff (as long as it's relevant to the blog's main theme).

photo credit: Phil Regan

Why am I blogging this list instead of using a piece of paper?

Because this way I hope to kick start the regular blogging process. Also, now I've publicly promised to be a better blogger so I'll have to try to keep my promise instead of losing my piece of paper.

photo credit: Phil Regan

What does the future hold for the blog "Area Thrifty One - Scraps of my Life"?

Based on my answers to the above questions, there will be:
  • More 'work in progress' posts, perhaps some pictures from my sketchbooks too. I think it's time to let go of the paranoia I've had about showing the world my working process.
  • More posts about 'round the house' stuff. We rearrange our house quite often, and bicker over prints on the walls, how to organise the books, etc. I like reading this kind of real life interiors stuff on other blogs.
  • There will still be links to interesting, useful and inspiring things that I find around the internet.
  • Occasionally, there will be a tutorial or two and probably the odd giveaway.
  • More frequent posts.
  • Lots of great pictures.
Thanks so much for reading, especially as you pretty much just read a "to do" list, which isn't the most exciting thing in the world. If you have any tips on keeping up your blogging momentum, I'd love to hear them.


Sharon said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one neglecting the Blog! Thanks for reminding me why I started and that it's ok to come back to it ( though highly unlikely this week!)

Jenny said...

Glad to read your blogging bits and pieces and see your wonderful works in progress and finished works of art.