Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Thinking Talking and Doing...

That's what today has been, so far. Though more thinking and talking and less doing... so a bit more doing later tonight, hopefully! These guys are on my work table today:

They will be turtle and snail zipper pouches. I love this stage where all the main shapes are blocked in and waiting for the details. If I'm working on a new design this is exactly the moment when I can tell whether or not it's going to work.

The thinking today has been about "business direction" and all those plates that need to stay spinning in the air. I really need one of those "experts" that you get on the TV that go through your whole life and sort you out, some kind of House Doctor/Alvin Hall/Gillian McKeith hybrid. (Come to think of it, that sounds terrifying!)

Thank goodness for having someone to talk to. Beverley came over to chat about craft business stuff today. It helps so much to talk to a "real life" person doing a similar thing, online friends are fantastic but meeting up with someone to talk about sewing machines, taxes, and the school run makes a real difference to morale. Oh, and this book is very helpful too for craft business advice, though some of it is only US relevant, I'm always coming back to it and it's very helpful.


Ellieboo said...

Your work is lovely - I love visiting your blog and these zip pouches are no exception!

Felicity said...

Hi Net
Ive been asked to review your babushka bunny softie by Helen from http://ukhandmade.blogspot.com/, I really enjoyed making the bunny and have left a positive review. I love your zip pouches too they are gorgeous.
Felicity xx

Bec said...

Oh wow, these are going to be just gorgeous!! The business side of all this is so hard isn't it. Especially if (like me) you're not that way inclined...Might check out that book though - thanks for the recommendation :)