Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Genuine Jersey

I live on the island of Jersey, between the south coast of England and the north coast of France.
Nanette and Sam tiltshifted

Jersey has long been famous for it's agriculture, the Jersey Royal is the king of potatoes Gordon Ramsay is a big fan and Jamie Oliver cooked some up for the Obamas. The Jersey Cow is prized all over the world for it's superior milk (I was always very pleased that a Jersey Cow makes an appearance in Anne of Green Gables ). Jersey has other things to offer too, stunning beaches, breathtaking cliff walks, an abundance of red squirrels and plenty of talented artists and craftspeople.

A Member of Genuine Jersey
The Genuine Jersey group was formed in 2001 in order to promote the very best that Jersey has to offer. Only produce that has been grown or reared on the island and products created by accredited members are allowed to carry the "Genuine Jersey" logo. I'm very pleased to have been accepted as a member of Genuine Jersey, so if you happen to visit this lovely island drop by one of the many Jersey Farmer and Craft markets and say hello to me.


Jenny said...

Congratulations! i would just love to drop by and see all your gorgeous Jersey goods and have a chat!

RheLynn said...

Very cool - you know, I'd never even thought about where the 'Jersey' in USA's New Jersey comes from. That is very cool and I've learned something! Very pretty, too. I know what you mean about the busier the blogger the quieter the blog - my blog is mostly about Esme now, instead of crafts. I am just too busy to do much else! But the pictures of her are important for her and relatives visiting from far away - so I try to keep that up a few days a week.