Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Bird

all images used with permission

1. seaside donkey ride, 2. miss yum yum, 3. constellation boy, 4. Lets Go Fly A Kite

These amazing images are the work of Joanna, an illustrator who sells her limited edition prints on etsy. A range of beautifully soft organic tee shirts screen printed with her designs are available on her website Little Bird by Post.

I absolutely love the gentle colours that Joanna uses, and the vintage inspired imagery really reminds me of one of my favourite illustrators, Mary Blair. I ordered one of the Little Bird tee shirts for a friends newborn baby and it arrived so quickly and with such a lovely selection of little freebies - balloons and stickers - simple things that kids love. The whole of Joanna's tee shirt business is based on the concept of respect - being respectful to children by not covering them in inappropriate slogans or adverts, and being respectful to the environment by using only organic cotton and water based inks. You can read more about Little Bird here.

Joanna shares glimpses of her sketchbooks on her Flickr photostream so you can have a peek into her working process, and have a peek behind the scenes at her blog Little Bird Twitterings. Best of all she lives really near me! A fellow Jersey Etsyian! Yay!


babalisme said...

I really love your blog name, and I happen like to love what you write too :)

Joanna said...

Thank you Net for such a lovely post x