Thursday, October 29, 2009

Workbox Magazine

This falls under the "things I should have blogged about ages ago but I was crazy busy with summer craft fairs" category. Check this out:

It's the October/November issue of Workbox Magazine and it has a double page article about me and my work! It's a nice article, about how I came to be making my guys. It was weird having someone ask loads of questions about my process and then reading about myself, but weird in a good and very flattering way.

(If only the article didn't boast one of the most unflattering pictures of my face I've ever seen - seriously. My husband collapsed in uncontrollable laughter when he saw the photo, honestly, Awkward Family Photos has nothing on this.)

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Bagladee said...

Lovely to see you back blogging, missed your posts. Congrats on the magazine article. Emma x