Monday, November 09, 2009

Behind Schedule

Last Friday, I fully intended to sit down and write a post about my newly finished stack of pencil cases and coin purses. Then go on to chat about a big upcoming Christmas event I'm involved in. I was going to start off a kind of countdown so I could set goals, keep track of how I was doing, keep motivated, forge a solidarity with other crafters out there getting ready for a busy holiday season. Please let me know in the comments about which events you're involved in, either online or off - it would be great to know what others are doing.

So, here I am, three days late... and my stack of zip pouches is looking like this:

So very nearly finished, but not quite. Real life intervened (as it does, tsk), and I got behind schedule. Setting impossible goals is my modus operandi, so it's not usual for me to do a last minute creative editing of my to do list so that I can feel better about my progress. So, instead of starting last Friday, I'll start today:

19 days left to finish making stock for a Christmas event that will last for 9 days. That's a lot of sewing, better get going... unless I want to have a creatively edited to do list, simply displayed on a minimal empty table, amid a sea of fairy lights and Christmas shoppers...

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monda-loves said...

Oh I hear you. I have a fair in Oxford on 29th and then I have a 6 day event the following week in Henley. I honestly don't know why I'm reading blogs because I should be sewing. I would twag off work for some extra making time if I wasn't such an honest person (I'd be ridden with guilt!). Some late nights ahead me thinks.