Saturday, January 09, 2010

Adrift in 2010

Hello again! There's nothing worse than arriving at a blog and seeing a Christmas post when it's nearly Valentine's Day is there? 2010 seems to be starting pretty quietly round here, mostly because my sewing room looks like this:

and all my sewing stuff looks like this:

So that's why I've been quiet and my sites are mostly empty. Anyhoo, I've been filling my time by trying to understand Adobe Illustrator, and overcoming the massive surge of panic that comes over me every time I open it. There are some fantastic, and clear and simple, online tutorials that have helped me enormously:

Spoon Graphics is filled with excellent tutorials to kick start the Illustrator-timid and this one in particular really helped me understand how to use some of the basic tools.

How to make a Perfect Seamless Vector Pattern
at BittBox was the most easy to follow tutorial I found about pattern making and how to make sure everything lines up just right.

Jess Volinski's tutorial for creating repeat pattern swatches on Digital Arts was very thorough. It really focused my thoughts on making repeats and was very helpful when creating patterns for Spoonflower.

My swatches are on their way to me, I'll show you when they arrive!

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