Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Fabric Designs

My new fabric came back from Spoonflower and I am so happy! The print quality is better than ever and these designs are printed on linen/cotton blend which is a beautiful weight fabric, and it washed so well as well - what more could you ask for?

The design is a patchwork cheater print in hexagons. It has a really nice retro, childlike look so it feels slightly familiar, as though it were part of a favourite, half-remembered quilt.

There are three colourways, green, orange and blue. These photos have been taken very close up because I had already dived into making with this fabric, before I remembered to take pics!

This fabric also makes great rabbit clothes, here's how it looks when modeled:


RheLynn said...

I love your new fabrics! I agree they have a reminiscent feel to them. Also, *LOVE* the snails!!!!

Jules said...

Oooo, they're lovely (and please let the wee rabbit know that I think she looks very stylish) ;-)