Friday, March 12, 2010

Name That Mouse

In my last post I mentioned some new mice that I've been working on. This dude is my personal favourite:

He doesn't have a name yet though. I wanted to find a name with a haberdashery vibe, like Mr. Petersham or Buckram or Bodkin.

There's a Dr Seuss poem called Too Many Daves, about Mrs McCave who "had twenty-three sons, and she named them all Dave", amongst the hilarious list of names she wishes she had used are the genius names "Paris Garters" and "Harris Tweed" those are exactly the kind of names I'm wanting to emulate for this mouse, I think he deserves an awesome name.... any ideas? What's your favourite haberdashery word?


Lyndyloo said...

I love the name Harris Tweed. It reminds me of my Dad and The Harris Tweed jackets he used to wear. He would give me a hug and I would breath his warm Dad smell and a get the feel of his Jacket against my cheek, a little bit rough but not unpleasantly so.
Harris just sounds a very distinguished mouse name.

Megandmidge said...

I vote for the name Rick Rack.

Griffin said...

There was a bungling private eye in the Eagle comic called Harris Tweed, he was a bit fatter than this elegant gent tho'.

Mr Buckram Bodkin sounds very good tho'. ...the name's Bodkin, Buckram Bodkin!

My favourite haberdashery term, (apart from haberdashery itself) is Damask. Reminds me of luxurious mystery like some Venetian lady - La Contessa del' Damask. Or a Parisian woman, Madame Angelique Damasque!

BuenoStyle said...

Oooh - Great suggestions! For some reason I got a "Cecil" vibe from this little guy.

Perhaps Cecil Pantalet...