Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Illustration Friday: Underwater

The Illustration Friday prompt for this week is "Underwater" which is great as I've been meaning to create a  mermaid image for a couple of weeks. Ever since some friends and I spent an afternoon with our kids in an ornamental garden.

Three mums and our assorted children met up at Samares Manor to let the kids blow off some steam after school. They went crazy running through a maze made of willow, shouted as they climbed giant pine trees, and thought they were hilarious for hiding from us down 'Jungle Paths'. As the kids started to calm down, we arrived at the Koi Carp pond and sat down to catch our breath. 

The surface of the pond was almost completely covered with a beautiful green algae and the youngest child in our group, quite understandably, mistook the green surface for grass and disappeared underwater. The pond was very shallow and she was able to regain her footing very quickly and her mum had lightening quick reactions, pulling the child from the water almost immediately. From standing on the pond surface to being back on dry land was only a matter of seconds.

All of us mums gathered round, producing enough bits of spare clothing for the little girl to be able to able to change out of her wet clothes. As her own mother hugged her and comforted her, all of us mums spoke in cheery, lighthearted voices about what a mermaid she was and hadn't that been a surprise. Then we all went home to our various houses, fed and bathed our children and tucked them up safely in their beds. Then every one of us mums quietly, by ourselves, fell to pieces over all the might-have-beens of the afternoon.

But none of the might-have-beens did happen, the little mermaid is fine. So deep breath, and on to another day of parenting.

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Griffin said...

Hmm, you will have to tell that little sweetie about Jenny Greenteeth. Then she is unlikely to go near a pond or lake again without her mama.

Glad she is a dry princess instead of a dripping one.